joseph croft
plant operator

December 10th, 2018 marked the two year anniversary of Joseph (Joe) Croft's death in a tragic car accident.  Joe was a dedicated, hard worker and a caring, gentle human being brimming with potential for the future. Everyone at Johnstone Construction knew something of Joe's passion for mechanical things - whether it was working the excavator or driving the truck.  Joe was the respectful, quiet worker who just got on with it.

Joe loved driving, vehicles and all things related to it. He was interested in heavy vehicles and machinery from a young age and so inevitably ended up doing a vehicle mechanics course to better understand how best to operate and service them.

He joined Johnstone Construction as an apprentice plant operator at the end of his course, a role that combined his love of machinery with his previous work experience in construction and warehouse management.

A past career highlight was having sole charge of one the Warehouse’s busiest stock rooms and being selected to manage the stock into a new store over other stock room supervisors in the Auckland region. Joe brought this hard working, dedicated attitude to his role at Johnstone Construction.

Joe prided himself on doing a good job, being loyal to the team and working hard to learn and develop as an individual so he could set a positive example for his own three children.