James Dawson 'Runner Up' 2017 Z Training Development Award

Johnstone Construction's James Dawson is 'Runner Up' at 2017 CCNZ Awards 'Z Training Development Award'

Congratulations James!

James started his professional career as a recruiter for the construction industry and is currently working full-time at Johnstone Construction and studying a Bachelor of Construction part time at Massey University's Albany campus.


·                 Bachelor of Commerce (University of Concordia, Nebraska)

·                 Site Safe Passport #265091

·                 Enrolled in Bachelor of Construction (Massey University, Albany)

Additional Training and Upskilling Opportunities:

"I’ve been able to take part in several formal courses in MS Project, TopCon surveying equipment and leadership.  

I was able to take the knowledge from the advanced MS Project Course to help set up an internal company resource pool which has allowed Johnstone Construction to optimise staff allocation across projects.

I also visit our suppliers to learn about the products we’re using, e.g. EPS Panel, rebar and ready mix concrete. This enables me to make informed decisions when answering tenders, understand their physical application on site and build strong supplier relationships.

Through my visit with Wyatt Reinforcing I gained a greater understanding of the properties of reinforcing steel and how it is installed on site. This benefited my accuracy when quantifying in my estimating".