Our innovative project management partners.

Acuite's cloud based software provides crucial risk assessment tools that support reporting and problem solving on each Johnstone Construction site. It does this by aggregating multiple streams of data from every level of the construction process to provide real time information on performance against 5 KPI’s - time, cost, HSE, quality and relationships.

Using Acuite to analyse and report on our projects means the team on site have more time to focus on the construction process as inefficiencies and risks are quickly identified and fixed before they become an issue.

One Touch Reporting

Not only is the information available in real time for us to access at any time, but Acuite provides summary reports of the KPI's at the touch of a button. These reports help inform discussion at our regular meetings on site and with the client by providing simple, easy to understand visuals that ensure everyone is on the same page and working from the most up to date information.




1.  Time

Full integration with MS Project. Real time visualization of baseline vs. actual progress, where the bottlenecks are, and analysis of the financial impact of each projects' risks and opportunities.

2. Cost

Uses the data from MYOB and MS Project to monitor the project’s costs in real time against budget, ensuring projects meet financial targets from beginning to end.

3. HSE

Registration on site of HSE observations, incidents and audits which are then tracked against company benchmarks and industry standards.

4.  Quality

Log Defects and QA audits effectively, instantly see where risk lies in lengthy clearance times. Notifications alert parties of overdue items.

5.  Relationships

Acuite tracks RFI and enquiry timings to identify bottlenecks. Real time monitoring of programme ensures consultants and sub-contractors are delivering their outputs on time and accurately.