SHEA Patten-Wise
contracts engineer

Shea joined the team at Johnstone Construction as a Contract Engineer and Junior Project Manager after completing his degree in Civil Engineering. His previous construction experience has been on large, long term infrastructure projects like the Waterview tunnel project and Auckland Airport runway upgrades, so he was keen to join the Johnstone Construction team as it provided the opportunity to be involved in all aspects of a build, from feasibility through to project completion.

Shea enjoys the technical aspects of engineering, particularly solving complex problems that develop as construction projects progress. He likes working on projects that involve a diverse range of professions, especially the learning opportunities that occur when the various professions work together to meet unexpected challenges.

Outside of Johnstone Construction, Shea enjoys a full array of extra-curricular sporting activities that range from playing club tennis through to cycling and running. His love of endurance events has stood him in good stead for his other career as a Reservist with the New Zealand Defence Force. On a winters weekend if he isn’t undertaking an army exercise at Waiouru you will likely find him skiing the slopes of Mt Ruapehu.

After completing a Bachelor of Arts degree Shea undertook further study in Civil Engineering. In 2016, Shea won first place in the students’ category at the Auckland Civil Contractors Awards. The judges awarded him the prize for his work on the Waterview tunnel project and his knowledge of, and obvious enthusiasm for, construction.

Shea relies on both of his degrees to get him through his working day relying on his academic background in ancient classical history and physical geography to add a human and historical perspective to the built work of our contemporary lives.  

“The agility and responsiveness of our relationship with our clients is one of the greatest things about working at Johnstone Construction, we are always pushing ourselves to provide the best solution and by extension the team are always learning and growing too.”