Tane Mason 2017 Young Contractor of the Year

Johnstone Construction's Operations Manager Susy Pryde congratulates Tane Mason

Johnstone Construction's Operations Manager Susy Pryde congratulates Tane Mason

Johnstone Construction's Tane Mason wins 2017 Young Contractor of the Year at the AB Equipment People Awards

Tane says, "My choice to work in the construction industry originally was rooted in my love of being a part of projects as they turn from a plot of land into a finished product – creating something lasting that the team and I can feel proud of."

Career highlights in the last twelve months:

Tane joined the Johnstone Construction team in early 2016 as a Carpenter. He describes his career highlights.

"While I love carpentry I have always been interested in leadership and project management. I took on more of these roles on site and the Johnstone Construction leadership team recognised what I had been doing and promoted me first to leading a “squad” on site and then to becoming a Site Manager. This was a huge step up in a short time and my first site was one of the biggest in Johnstone Construction’s history, SP2 a commercial project in Rotorua.

My biggest personal highlight since becoming a Johnstone Construction Site Manager, is having people I looked up to and sought advice from, coming to me and sharing their thoughts and ideas with me as an equal and seeking my advice. The trust they put into me really helps me want to better myself as a person and as a leader. It is humbling yet motivating, but I can also count on them to bring me back to earth and hold me accountable when necessary."

Tane describes an occassion where he stood out as an excellent performer:

"On the SP2 job one of the most difficult aspects of the construction process was standing the precast panels, it takes a lot of planning, careful time management, awareness and enactment of HSE provisions and most importantly clear team leadership. Taking responsibility and getting this done, leading the others on site really stands out to me as a time when all my careful preparation (especially as I hadn’t done it before!) led to an excellent outcome for everyone on the day. The positive feedback on my performance drives me to continue that level of quality and timely delivery".