CLIENT: BP   ⎪   PROGRAMME: 14 weeks   ⎪   SITE AREA: 4,800m2

building community connections


It is critical to both BP and Johnstone Construction that positive relationships are developed with the communities in which their service stations are located.

The Tirau project is a prime example of this approach. From the outset Johnstone Construction partnered with local construction businesses and service providers to deliver the project.  The local community was thrilled with the benefits that the construction of the new station brought to their town.

The benefit of building strong local connections was demonstrated when the project faced extremely adverse weather conditions and the site was found to be vastly worse than geotechnical reports had indicated. Johnstone Construction immediately undertook our own investigations when the ground discrepancies were discovered and came up with a cost effective solution that could be delivered by our own team and local suppliers. To mitigate the delays caused by record downpours more resource was put on the project and working time was expanded to ensure the build was delivered to the original programme.

Local contractors and workers brought on for the project performed well and have now become part of the trusted Johnstone Construction sub-contractor team in the central North Island.