BP Millwater

CLIENT: BP   ⎪   PROGRAMME: 12  weeks   ⎪   SITE AREA: 3,500m2



Johnstone Construction takes care to ensure they foster and maintain good relationships within the industry and within the communities in which their builds take place. 

 BP Millwater was situated in a busy urban area beside a residential development north of Auckland and adjacent to a large sub-division under construction. Part of the site constituted the reinforced embankment adjacent to State Highway 1 which could not be compromised.

To mitigate these site location risks, Johnstone Construction:

· Liaised with neighbouring sites and Auckland Transport about the control of construction noise, dust, vibration, minimisation of work hours and maintenance of pedestrian access across the site.

· Put in place traffic control during works on and around the boundary to control pedestrian access and provide safe foot crossings.

· Moved the Safety Station around the site, dependent on changes to the site layout, to ensure clear visibility and easy access.

Works were conducted without disruption to neighbours and there were no complaints or issues to deal with.

The original construction programme for BP Millwater was a compressed timeframe of 12.5 weeks from establishment to completion.

During the project an additional 3.5 weeks of delays were encountered, ranging from redesign of foundations, unexpected additional 20,000 cubic metres worth of cut to waste across the site, 2 weeks of adverse weather during civil works, 4 rain days and alterations to the site works design.

However, through efficient planning, bolstering the workforce, working extended hours and calling on the goodwill of our existing relationships within the industry we were able to open with only 1 week delay to the original programme.