Johnstone Construction Ltd finalists in the ‘Women In Governance Awards’


Congratulations, Johnstone Construction Ltd are finalists in the ‘Women In Governance Awards’ in the Gender Diverse category. Click here for the press release.

Susy Pryde was the first female hired by the company in 2015 and female representation has since grown to 33% of the organisation with their latest female recruit, Carpentry Apprentice Flora Rivers.

Johnstone Construction promotes sustainability and diversity as the future of the construction industry and are successfully doing this through the inclusion of females organisational-wide in leadership and senior roles. Women from all backgrounds are contributing to the organisation’s strategy, vision and goals, which is evident from the site crew, through to the office, to the board room. Having female representation in the boardroom reinforces the message that women are valued at every level of the organisation.

The company is providing positive career pathways and structure, as well as promoting ongoing training and professional development.

Johnstone Construction is a proud foundation sponsor of Women In Trades, a not-for-profit that has a view on the long term development of diverse workforces leading to diverse leadership teams, and eventually diverse boards. Their secretary, Tamara Croft, is a Women In Governance Awards finalist in the Not-for-Profit Governance Leader category. All the best Tamara