The Johnstone Construction visual identity been under renovation and now we are excited to share it with you.

The new brand takes its inspiration from the winged spur and binding rope of our former logo, the Johnstone clan badge, and reimagines them as a winged ‘J’. The wing represents our agility and innovation in a traditional sector, the rope our collaborative and team based approach to projects.

Why the Update?

Johnstone Construction has been around in various iterations since 1987. Almost 30 years of experience, knowledge and industry connections have been built up over this time by Malcolm and then Hugh Johnstone.

Hugh is proud of what his father created and feels a great responsibility in taking the company forward and continuing his legacy. Part of the evolution of the company is a shift from being a family focused business to one that relies on a hard working team of young professionals and tradespeople. He wants to reflect this shift and recognise the contribution they all make to the dynamic, innovative and agile company Johnstone Construction has become.