Christopher Barry Young Engineer of the Year Awards Finalist 2017

Johnstone Construction's Chris Barry is an awards finalist for the AB Equipment People Awards 2017 Young Engineer of the Year

In his role as a Site Engineer and Project Manager at Johnstone Construction Chris has been a part of delivering five major projects and a large rollout of live site refurbishments across the upper North Island since joining the team in early 2015.

What is Chris's proudest achievement to date working for Johnstone Construction?

"My proudest acheivement since working with Johnstone Construction is BP Warkworth. This was the first site I ran with sole charge. I was nervous at the beginning but was delighted to the see the end result and the fruits of my labour.  I have never had such a boost in my confidence in my capabilities as when I delivered that job. It was a very satisfying and rewarding experience to lead a team through difficult site conditions to deliver the project in record time".

Highlights in Chris's career over the last twelve months:

"Working at Johnstone Construction has been a great opportunity to take a leap in my career as I taken on Project and Site Management alongside my Site Engineering role. My commitment to getting the job done, no matter how difficult the task, has been key to my success at Johnstone Construction, especially in the last 12 months. We had a difficult project to deliver for the client, the site was handed over with an additional 20,000 cubic metres of material on it that had to be removed in winter while not compromising the existing engineering structures. The existing ground was mostly clay, so all the foundations had to be reengineered including a 7 fold increase in reinforcing steel. We did this with only 5 days extension to the programme and the client said it was the best project we had ever delivered for them".